Clinical Studies

1. Expertise

  • Investigator driven
    • Oncology: clinical trials in rectal cancer, esophageal cancer, carcinomatosis
    • Metabolic and bariatric studies
    • Participation in Belgian Project on Rectal Cancer (ProCare) – 3 certified trainers (P Pattyn, W Ceelen, Y Van Nieuwenhove)
    • Epidemiology and statistics: extensive experience in basic and advanced clinical statistical methods (SPSS, SigmaStat), meta-analysis (Cochrane collaboration colorectal group member)
    • Intensive multidisciplinary collaboration in clinical studies: radiotherapy, gastroenterology, medical imaging
  • Industry driven
    • Clinical trials on novel low molecular weight heparins
    • Trials on infectiology – antibiotics
    • Oncology trials
    • Trials on anastomotic sealing
    • Trials on hemostatic devices

2. Infrastructure and Personnel

  • 3 dedicated study nurses (S De Groote; I Vandenbroucke, E. Pape)
  • Tissue and serum bank (-80°C) of all oncology resection specimens
  • 1 full time academic research assistant
  • 3 doctoral students

3. Current clinical protocols

  • Oncology
    • Effects of neoadjuvant chemoradiation on anorectal function in patients with rectal cancer
    • Influence of lantreotide on drain output following rectal cancer surgery
    • Use of Differential Path Length Spectroscopy to assess bowel perfusion in esophageal cancer surgery (Ivor Lewis)
  • Metabolic
    • Effect of total fat mass on sex steroid synthesis (collaboration: dept. of Endocrinology)
    • Effect of obesity and bariatric surgery on incidence and natural history of NASH (collaboration: dept. of Gastroenterology)
    • SHOPWEL-STUDIE: The effect of Short-term preoperative Weight Loss using very low energy diet on operative outcome of laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery
    • MEDARD study: effect of lantreotide on refractory diarrhea (collaboration: IPSEN nv)
  • Other
    • Study of the quality of life after sacral nerve stimulation (SNS) for fecal incontinence

Experimental Surgery Laboratory

Federal licence nr: LA 1400072

I. Expertise, Models, and Equipment

A. Animal Models

  1. Large animal (pig, sheep): open and laparoscopic/thoracoscopic surgery; liver and pancreas transplantation; abdominal wall biomechanical and mesh studies
  2. Rodents (mouse and rat; athymic and immunocompetent): auxiliary liver transplantation; human colorectal and ovarian cancer heterotopic models; in vivo fluorescence microscopy with window chambers; intraperitoneal chemoperfusion; metabolic (gastric bypass) models

B. Equipment

  1. Surgical techniques: 3 operating microscopes (Zeiss); 2 fully equipped large animal OR’s; 2 small animal operating tables
  2. Physiology: laser Doppler flow and pO2 measurement (OxyLite and OxyFlo); interstitial fluid pressure measurement (Samba Sensor); thermometry equipment; macrovascular flow measurement, hyperbaric oxygen chamber
  3. In vivo fluorescence microscopy: titanium window chambers (dorsal skinfold); adapted microscope (Olympus BX51WI), high sensitivity CCD camera (Hamamatsu C8484), CapImage software
  4. Biofluid and cardiovascular modeling: Dedicated CFD software (Fluent, Abaqus, Mimics, pyFormex), GE VingmedVivid7 pro, IlaPIV, Millar pressure transducers, Transonic flow meter, Pie Medical Wall Track System, VisualsonicsVevo2100 high frequency ultrasound system, PolytecLDV
  5. Oncology: continuous peritoneal perfusion equipment; HPLC equipment; Biohazard cabinet
  6. Imaging: 1.5 T available (Siemens); 7 T small animal MRI anticipated Q3 2011
  7. Metabolic research: rodent metabolic cages; chronic iv infusion sets for rodents

C. Expertise

  1. Oncology: functional and molecular imaging using novel MR tracers; animal models of peritoneal carcinomatosis and IP chemoperfusion; studies using radiotherapy in rodent tumor models
  2. Biomechanical and physiological characterization of surgical techniques and devices: wound healing, wound strength, oxygenation, blood flow
  3. Metabolic surgery: rodent models of bariatric procedures

II. Research Topics

A. Oncology

1. In vivo imaging of tumor response to radiotherapy using DCE-MRI

Investigators: I Debergh, N Van Damme, W Ceelen

Colloboration: Guerbet SA, Research division (Paris, France)

2. Imaging of tumor angiogenesis using molecular MRI targeting alphav beta3 integrin

Investigators: I Debergh, N Van Damme, W Ceelen

Colloboration: Guerbet SA, Research division (Paris, France)

3. Imaging of tumor angiogenesis using in vivo fluorescence microscopy in window chambers

Investigators: I Debergh, J Verhulst, W Ceelen

4. Rodent carcinomatosis model of intraperitoneal chemoperfusion: new pharmacological carriers of paclitaxel; influence of interstitial fluid pressure modulation on IP drug delivery

Investigators: L Desmet, W Bouquet, J Verhulst, W Ceelen

Collaboration: Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences UGent